Unified Council Unified Cyber Olympiad Exam Result 2013-14 ,Unified Council Exam Result 2013-14

Unified Council - Foundation for success has publiched Unified Cyber Result 2013-14. Unified Council Unified Cyber Olympiad Result 2013-14 announced on 3rd October, 2013-14. To get more information about the result, visit the Council's official website : http://www.unifiedcouncil.com/.

A lot of "learning" that happens in our schools and children today, turns out to be rote memorisation with lack of deep shallow introduction to ideas. To contribute meaningfully in tomorrow's world, students and schools need to shift from FACTS to SKILLS.

Unified Council offers products and services that help to accurately measure learning, promote self-learning in children and empower educators and schools.

Unified Council offers various diagnostic tests for students of classes 2 to 12. These tests help pinpoint students strengths and weaknesses and also provide a benchmark with their peers.

Students from India, Tanzania, UAE, KSA, Yeman, Oman, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Indonesia and Nepal participate in Unified Council's flagship offering National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE).

Date of Results Declaration :October 3, 2013-14

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