Marine Engineering Results 2013-14 , Marine Engineering Admissions 2012, Marine Engineer Officers Board Exam 2013-14, Marine Engineer Officers Licensure Examination Results 2013-14

Marine Engineer Officer Board Exam was recently conducted in the January 2013-14. The Marine Engineer Officer Examination 2013-14 was conducted on 21 January, 2013-14 & 22 January, 2013-14 for the posts of Chief Marine Engineer Officers, Second Marine Engineer Officers & Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch ‘OIC-EW’ at the operational level. The exam conducted was the written examination labeled as ‘Marine Engineer Officer Licensure Examination’.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) announces that 14 out of 18 passed the CHIEF MARINE ENGINEER OFFICERS LICENSURE EXAMINATION, 128 out of 201 passed the SECOND MARINE ENGINEER OFFICERS LICENSURE EXAMINATION and 239 out of 373 passed the OFFICER-IN-CHARGE OF AN ENGINEERING WATCH LICENSURE EXAMINATION given by the Board for Marine Engineer Officers in Manila this September 2013-14.
Marine Engineer Officers licensure examination held in Manila and Davao on September 15-16, 2013-14 can view the results here.
The Professional Regulation Commission is expected to release the September 2013-14 Marine Engineer Officers board exam results. passers list a few working days after the last day of test.